4 Songs

Miten – 4Songs – A spontaneous happening on a sunny day in the Sacred Valley of Peru – June 2018.

We had just waved goodbye to the shamans who’d come down from their homes in the Andes. Together we had shared a mystic journey – a 7-day Sacred Mantra and Shamanic Wisdom programme. Out for a stroll in the late afternoon sun Rishi and I came upon a beautiful chapel – inside, the space was silent and atmospheric.

Rishi had his camera with him, and I was carrying my guitar. – Inspired by the sound in the chapel, along with a renewed sense of gratitude after a recent heart operation, I found my voice opening again. Rishi caught the magic. These four songs returned to me, totally spontaneously, like old lovers to be welcomed and embraced. I wanted to share that moment of magic with you, so here it is in all its simplicity, from the chapel in Peru. I hope you enjoy.”

Love – Miten

Miten: “The Mother Inside”


Miten: “Watching Your Vision Unfolding” + “Blown Away”


Miten: “The Rivers of Babylon”