4 Songs

An intimate solo album with 4 devotional love songs.

Recorded live to video in a little chapel in Peru.

A spontaneous happening on a day off in June. The acoustics of the chapel were inspiring, Rishi had his camera at the ready, my guitar too – and I was feeling a renewed sense of gratitude and awe after the heart operation. A new voice – more breath, even in the thin air up there in the high altitude … and some songs to be enjoyed, returning like old lovers to be reclaimed.  … You can watch all the videos here in full length and also on Spotify and iTunes. The songs are also available as a mini album via your streaming provider and as a download from the website and iTunes. Feel free to add them to your favorite playlists. (Links, Links & Links)

Miten: “The Mother Inside”


Miten: “Watching Your Vision Unfolding” + “Blown Away”

Miten: “The Rivers of Babylon”