2018 – with Love

Yes, we will remember 2018!

This was the year when we witnessed the healing power of the mantras sweeping through the gatherings like never before – a tidal wave of positive energy.

This was the year we played over and over to our beloved sangha in sold out concerts around the world. Where Miten recovered so swiftly from his heart surgery that the doctors couldn’t believe it (it was the healing power of love and prayer that we sent to him!). Where, even after a slipped disc, he still continued to inspire us all.

We saw (and heard!) the sangha blossoming and growing.
Sharing hugs and voices with such a depth of connection.

We moved beyond the social into the sacred.
Whether it was Moscow, London, Budapest, Paris or New York, we came in our thousands to testify to the power of love.

So, how to give back?

How to say ‘Thank you’ to you all? With music of course!
In this spirit of gratitude and love, we recorded and filmed some pieces as a gift for you all. On our day off towards the end of the tour we gathered in a small studio in the outskirts of Cologne, Germany with a film crew, to send our thanks to you with some favourites from the tour. To be off stage and play them in such a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere was so much fun. We hope you enjoy!

And now – The Global Map of Connection

We have a plan! Here is an opportunity to join together in affirmation of our precious world-wide Gayatri sangha. Click here to visit a global map where you can share your experiences with other like minded souls within the sangha.

Share your transformations, your insights, your satori’s … bring it all, bring everything; All is Welcome Here.
By participating, we are creating a global foundation on which our lives can stand, strong and steady, even in our lonely times. We are here for each other. Let’s begin today to share our hearts with the world. Now is the time.

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See you there in 2019!
with Love
Deva and Miten


Dance When You Walk:


This Is My Prayer: